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Studio9 is a brand management agency that specializes in the development and management of personal and corporate brands. We understand that a brand is more than beautiful images, a catchy logo or aggressive marketing. In fact, your brand is the version of you or your company that exists in the heads of your target audience. Your brand is 100% of what people think of you or your company before and after they would have met you or used your products or services. We strategically develop and manage the overall perception of our clients to the eyes and minds of their audience for the main purpose of increasing market value.
Your brand voice is the distinct personality a brand takes on in its communications. A ‘brand voice’ isn’t spoken or announced as your brand voice, it is felt and understood by your audience over time. The creation of a ‘brand voice’ must be well thought out and crafted so that it’s consistent, and flows effortlessly in all forms of communication. If left to chance or handled by unprofessional hands, your brand may have an uncertain or untrustworthy voice, and your audience may run away rather than run towards your brand, even if your content is solid. A clear and consistent brand voice is a critical element of a personal brand.
Your brand identity is the visual and to some extent, verbal expression of your brand. It consists of your name, logo, tagline, color palette, typography, graphical elements, imagery and voice. Brand identity is one of the most misunderstood elements of personal branding, mainly due to the misuse of the word in mainstream media, and even in the marketing arena. You may have heard it said before, “your brand is not your logo”, and while that is true, your brand is quite a bit more than many may believe. Your brand identity is the psychological result of what people think about when they see the visual creations of your brand.
Your brand promise is an experience or value your audience can expect to receive every time they interact with you or your company. The more an individual can deliver on that promise, the stronger the value of the brand becomes in the mind of your clients or potential clients. Your brand promise reveals what your clients can expect from you across all touchpoints. Your brand promise will speak to your specific audience and will give them a feeling of confidence that you can provide the answer to their problem. Any brand that can consistently deliver, will inevitably become a necessity to the specific need of its audience.
Your brand values are the guiding principles and beliefs that you stand for, and by extension, your business. By articulating your values and aligning your brand with something bigger and more meaningful than yourself, your customers will see that your brand is relatable and real. In personal branding, it is almost impossible to separate your personal values from that of your brand. If your values can be compromised by the offer of money or a less-than-ethical offer, then your brand values are poor. Understanding, defining and embracing the values that are aligned to your brand is very important to the development and longevity of your brand.
Brand targeting is the clear determination of exactly what segment of the market you aim to reach. Every successful personal brand must know and be clear on its audience. Targeting involves segmenting your target market by identifying the characteristics of your audience. Your targeted audience can be determined by age, geographic location, ethnicity, social status, income level or a host of other traits. Many inexperienced brand companies lead their clients to target very broad markets because of the belief that if you throw a large net, you are more likely to catch at least, some fish. In branding, this strategy works only to confuse your audience and thus, you lose all around.
Brand positioning can be described as the impact your brand has on your target audience in relation to your competition. To develop a strong brand position, several elements are of vital importance. It is important to know how your brand is currently positioned in the minds of your audience or prospective audience. We must also be able to identify your direct competitors, understand how each competitor is positioning their brand, compare your positioning to your competitors’ to identify your uniqueness, and develop a distinct and value-based positioning idea among others. This is arguably one of the most important elements of your branding strategy, and once achieved, you can rest assured that your brand strategy is on a solid foundation.


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Studio9 is a personal brand management agency and as such, we establish and protect the brands of our clients. A brand is more than a logo or a billboard or even a television interview. Your brand is literally you. Your brand is 100% of what people think of you even if have never met you, and managing perception takes great skill and precision over a period of time.