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Studio9 is a branding agency is a 360-degree branding solution company. Each individual or business is unique and, thus, a distinct strategy is required for each client. With nearly sixty years of combined industry expertise in all aspects that pertains to branding, Studio9 understands people and business and is highly qualified in both the art and science of personal and corporate brand development.
Our client success process begins with Assessment, then with the information gathered, we move to the strategy planning stage. Once the strategy is fully designed and tested, we move to implementation then ongoing monitoring and adjustments.
Our team of award-winning professionals are passionate about brand development and is committed to the company’s culture of “success or nothing” Our CEO, Dr. Mark Daniel’s philosophy of branding is that “In branding, truth is irrelevant, and perception is king” His philosophy has made its way across the industry and has been repeated in numerous published articles and is used by many branding experts today as a foundation for their operation strategy.
We are a company so young that we are on the cutting edge of current trends, modern methods and ever evolving technology. We are at the same time a team so experienced that our tried and proven direct path to our client’s success separates us from other companies in the industry.
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We are a team of brand transformation experts who work not to prove our effort but to produce real tangible results for our clients. We serve both personal and corporate brands globally and maintain a policy of “Success or Nothing”.

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Mark Daniel PhD.

Meet Dr. Mark Daniel, a highly accomplished and experienced brand strategist, who currently holds the position of Senior Brand Strategist at Studio 9 Brand. Studio 9 Brand is a premier branding firm that is recognized for its work with an array of high-profile clients – both individual and corporate.
As a member of the Studio 9 lead team, Dr. Daniel is part of an elite group of award-winning professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. This team has over 50 years of combined experience in the field of branding, which has resulted in a rich and successful history of developing and managing brands that stand out in the marketplace.
Throughout his career, Dr. Daniel has played a key role in helping Studio 9 Brand achieve its goal of elevating brands to new heights of influence, impact, and income. His extensive knowledge and experience in brand strategy, combined with his passion for innovation, have made him an invaluable asset to the company and its clients. His dedication and expertise have been instrumental in the success of many brands, and it is for this reason that he is recognized as one of the industry’s leading brand strategists.


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Associate Brand Strategist

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Matias Marinaro

Studio9 is a personal brand management agency and as such, we establish and protect the brands of our clients. A brand is more than a logo or a billboard or even a television interview. Your brand is literally you. Your brand is 100% of what people think of you even if have never met you, and managing perception takes great skill and precision over a period of time.